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Re: 4kTQ conversion questions - part II

In a message dated 11/7/99 5:17:35 PM Central Standard Time, 
quattro2@ix.netcom.com writes:

<< doing 
 the turbo swap into a 4KQ if you know where to look.
 I went "donor" hunting this past weekend and found an 86 5KTQ for sale - 
130k on the clock. The 
 car started right up (the motor was cold, I checked first ;) and no smoke 
was observed, idled 
 normally etc. Only the typical lifter and #@%^*! warbling water pump noises 
heard. This car is 
 loaded with a 5spd, leather, ABS.. Drove fine, although I think it needs a 
tuneup (kinda doggy 
 down low). Boost read 1.3 bar, both diffs locked right up, and all the 
electric goodies worked 
 too. After a good hard run I shut the car off and behold, the after run 
coolant pump and rad fan 
 worked! Restarted hot just fine. All for $1800. I made an offer, just 
waiting to hear back....
 My additional questions...

You are going to tear apart a fine running expample of a 5000qt?? Find a 
wrecked one and take the additional 900 bucks you saved and buy some decent