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RE: S6 Replacement

First off, it doesn't sound very equitable.  The assumption of risk was
yours though since you married a lawyer.

Anyway, how about the A6 2.7T?  Also, if she wants an M3 or any of those
cars for the styling, she shouldn't have it.  An M3 or Boxster should be
driven by someone who knows how to drive them.

Paul Wilson

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> I'll keep this short.  First thanks to all who sent condolences.
> Secondly,
> we doubt it was revenge since my initials are on the plates and not my
> wife's (she uses her maiden name) and she only works out of the Brantford
> courthouse about once every two months to cover small claims, matrimonial
> and petty stuff when they get backlogged.  Thirdly, the sign in
> the parking
> lot doesn't identify the name just the position.  Finally, as
> those on the
> list such as Mulholland and De Kat can attest, stuff like this happens
> rather frequently on the Six Nations Reserve.
> Anyway enough of the speculating...we spent yesterday scouring SW Ontario
> (London - Mississauga) looking for a replacement for her beloved S6.
> My wife has decide that she's going to pay for this car herself
> (first car
> she's bought in the 27 years of our marriage - come to think of
> this is the
> only thing she's bought) > macho male ego hard at work.
> We looked at everything and took far more 10 minute test drives that I'd
> care to admit. Final contenders include:
> Boxster S
> M Coupe
> S4
> Volvo S70
> With the exception of the S70 none of the others on the above list were
> available for a test drive.  None of the Japanese models even
> made the cut.
>  The MB CLK 430 was in the lead until she found out it didn't come with a
> clutch (nice car though).  With the exception of the S70
> everything else is
> basically spring 2000 delivery.
> Budd's in Oakville has a couple of used M3's.  A M3/2 and a M3/4
> personally
> but find a $50k+ used 3 and 5 year old car rather expensive so we
> passed on
> these as well.
> Bottom line is she loves the M Coupe.  Mind you it's purely based on
> styling - jeez I hate that.  She told me this morning that she's almost
> sure she's going to order it and wants me to check it out (good, bad
> indifferent).  She also knows she can't drive it in the winter so she's
> going to drive our A4 so if it's a bad report on the M Coupe she's going
> for the S4.
> However, I explained to her I'm getting screwed again.  Not only did we
> lose the S6 I'm losing the ability to drive the A4 in the winter since I
> plan to semi-retire the coupe.  So technically I'm out 2 cars which means
> I'll be driving a 14 year old coupe for the rest of my life.  She
> agreed it
> wasn't fair, and suggested that if she orders the M Coupe I take the
> insurance money from the S6 and put it towards whatever I want.  I subtly
> hinted that perhaps she'd be willing to pay the difference as well since
> she'll have 2 cars on the road - but that didn't work.  So I
> might be back
> in the hunt for a car for myself as well.
> Life just keeps getting more complicated...I'll let you know next spring
> what happened and who ended up with what.
> And, if any of you folks have access to any reports or sources of info on
> the M Coupe please forward.  Thanks a bunch.
> Don