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Re: Auto trans query

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From: Michael Murphy <mmurphy@nais.com>

>Mr. Bigelow and I have been off list emailing about flushing ATF.
>Problem is, there's no way for a flushing machine to connect to an 087
>tranny, least none that we can see.
>Below is synopsis of our emails and my latest response with an idea.
>Anyone care to comment or offer alternatives.  Possible new list
>acronymn is included.
>Stephen Bigelow wrote:
>> >>
>> >> Those new fangled flushers need a cooler line to tap into. I don't
>> one,
>> >> I have the side mounted cooler.
>> >
>Michael Murphy wrote:
>> >It may be cockpit error down here but I thought there was a flushing
>> >unit that used the dipstick/drain plug and operated w/engine running and
>> >car in gear?
>Stephen Bigelow wrote:
>> I think they break a cooler line, and add coolant at the same rate that
>> being pumped out.
>> Can't see how they could remove it and add it out the same dipstick hole.
>To which I respond and cc the list:
>Red faced I say, I'd better RTFB (Read The Fu*!ing Bentley) - acronymn I
>POS 087 has no way of doing it unless . . . looking in "Family Pics"
>maybe there's a way using tranny cooler "banto (think they meant banjo?)
>Get some extra "banto" bolts. They mount the cooler and provide an ATF
>passage to the cooler.  Get a machine shop to drill (hollow) out thru
>the bolt head, then thread the hole to give the flusher unit an ATF
>This make _any_ sense to you

Yep, been thinking about it myself. We'll need to sleeve the banjo bolts to
block off the return holes.

Stephen Bigelow