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Rod Bolt Problem Solved...

About a week or two ago I posed a question regarding which connecting rod 
bolts to use on my '83 CGT w/ 'WE' code engine.  I ordered one of each from 
the dealer and picked them up yesterday.  Here's what I've found:

The connecting rod, P/N 035 198 401 has B/C embossed near one of the bolts.  
In my case, the bolts were pressed in on the original rod.

Rod Bolt 056 105 425 C is the proper bolt for this rod IF the original bolt 
was pressed in.

Rod Bolt 056 105 425 B is the proper bolt for this rod IF the rod was tapped 
to receive the bolt threaded through the bearing cap into the rod itself.

Rod Bolt 048 105 425 is not the proper bolt for a 2144 engine, but is the 
correct one for a 2226. This bolt is pressed in.

Further inspection of the family pic's shows bolt 056 105 425 C facing down 
from the piston side of the rod and the corresponding nut 056 105 427.  Bolt 
056 105 425 B shows the bolt facing the opposite direction and no nut.

HTH someone,

'81 4k/4E
'83 CGT
'85 CGT (parting out)

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