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Hydro/Solid lifters (was somehow: Upshift Relay)

Yep me thinks you are wrong.  My 86 had solid lifts.
In fact, Sciroccos always had solid lifters.
Only exception being 16V models.
I guess had something to do with A1 chassis.  Scirocco chassis never changed
over entire production run from mids 70's to late 80's.  Sheet metal did,
not chassis.
Far as I know, the 1.8 8V roc's were all JH code motors.  Very nice motors.
Not big on power, but you can beat the hell out em with no adverse affects.

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> 86 Scirocco should have hydraulic lifters as all gas powered VW
> engines after
> 1985 had hydraulic according to what I have read in Bentley.  I
> may be wrong
> though.
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