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Re: timing mark

    I got it solved.  Removed spark #1 and checked the piston.  Removed
distributor cap and checked rotor position.  Then finally found out the
flywheel is way different from manual.  The mark is a metal flange that has
a peak in it, but no 6BTDC mark or "0" mark.  So I painted that up with
white out and marked the distributor position.  I used the timing strobe and
the timing was off by a few degrees and I corrected it by moving the
distributor, now perfectly 6BTDC.
    Now it's time to decide if I want to change the timing to match my 270
cam.  I figure the stock timing is usually the best.  The idle is much
smoother since I got it back to 6BTDC, but we'll see how it performs today.


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