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Door Lock Not Working

Hello All!

Saturday, I unlocked my 91 Audi, Model 80 drove it and locked it, no problem. 
 On Monday evening when I went out for an appointment I inserted the key and 
it turned freely without opening the lock.  I went to the passenger side 
inserted the key and lock opened normally along with the other three doors.

When I got into the car I pushed the drivers side button down and all locks 
engaged, when I pull up on drivers side button all locks disengage, so it 
does not seem to be a vacuum problem.  It seems to be a mechanical problem.

How can I verify?

What steps should be taken to correct?

Can lock be repaired or does it have to be replaced?

How does the panel on drivers door come off?

Thanks for any help and information that you provide.


Nick Brame      Darnestown, MD
91 Model 80
99 A6Q