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Re: blizzak life

Hi Don;

    Only the top 50% of a Blizzak tread is the special multicell rubber
compound. Below that is a relatively hard (and slippery) plain rubber base.
As the local Bridgestone dealer said when I asked him about the Blizzak
performance: "For the first 50% the traction is outstanding. For the last
50% they are worse than useless". After this hearty recommendation, I bought
Michelin Alpins.

    Ask your local Bridgestone dealer what the tread depth is on a new
Blizzak and do the calcs.


Fred Munro
'94 S4  91k km

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> my blizzaks have 5/16 remaining
> tread.  does anyone know if any
> of that multicell compound would
> be left or have i entered the
> dreaded all season tread?
> don.