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Re: Driveshaft play and clunk

Hi Rick,
What you are feeling is called backlash. It is an important part of the diff... just not in such copious amounts. I have rebuilt diffs for bimmers and you can solve the problem(provided that there is no terminal damage) by putting different shims into it to adjust the backlash back to the factory spec. provided that something is not worn too far. I suggest that the cheapest way to fix it is to put a used or rebuilt diff in. Also make sure it is not a loose mount or connection.
Paul Robertson

>>> "Rick Hunt" <rhunt@sbs-ec.com> 11/08/99 07:05AM >>>

The car in question is a '90 200q wagon and I've got a problem with 
the driveline. When pulling away from a stop there is a mild shudder. 
Also when you back off of the throttle, there is a delayed jerk on 

With the car on a lift, you can grasp the driveshaft just ahead of 
the rear differential and rotate it by hand.  The shaft will rotate a 
few degrees in both directions and you can feel and hear a metallic 
clunk.  The clunk seems to come from within the shaft.


Rick Hunt

'87 5kcsq wagon
'90 200q wagon