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Re: Timing change makes idle go nuts, ISV?

You have to adjust your Idle with your timing on all Audi cars.  The second 
you mess with one the other has to be readjusted to the others new value and 
they while it should compensate a little bit that might just be to much for 
it to handle.  Also could be a bad OXS sensor as I have seen this problem 
caused by those going bad when or when they don't warm up right.  If your 
idle jumps up and down I doubt that it is the ISV because that is a sign that 
it is working wouldn't you say?  Just my thoughts and some may be wrong.

Britton Ingraham

87 4000 CS quattro
85 Quantum GL5
73 Beetle

LOOKING FOR!  88-87 Volkswagen Quantum GL5 5 speed.  Need not run but must 
have great looking body and interior that means NO RUST!  All colors are good 
but would prefer not to have Tornado Red the other lighter red is Awesome 
though and silver is really good!