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Engine rebuild recommendations?

We are in the process of going through an engine to replace the one in my
87and am looking for a good source for someone to go through the head,
preferably either Central Vt or Hartford, Ct area, but am willing to go
further for the best job. Interested in getting the valves redone and
getting it ported. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Planned work includes valves, clutch, t-belt, chip and waste gate spring and
maybe an upgraded turbo/exhaust manifold. Currently not planning on touching
the bottom end as the engine has only 120K.

I would appreciate any BTDT comments on the chip and waste gate spring.

I also looking for what would be possible turbo upgrade options. Again any
BTDT would be appreciated.

I figure that this is the best time to try to do anything that I might want
to do before I put the new engine in and since I am not totally rebuilding
the existing engine I can afford to do a little more. Once we started having
problems with the 87 my wife used the reliability excuse to get me demoted
to the 87 so I would like to enhance its driving experience since I will
probably never get the 91 back.

Any comments would be appreciated. TIA

Grant Eckfeldt
'87 5KCSTQ (302K)
'91 200QA