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Re: Hydraulic Oil for Dummies (101)

In a word, YES. I used standard PS fluid in my 5kcst the second day I had
it. (Stupid parts guy meets stupid newbie Audi owner, gives him PS fluid
as equivalent to "Audi hydraulic oil" mentioned in owners manual...)
Replaced rack, twice. And bomb, pump, and all lines once. Eventually
drove it for two years without the assist hooked up. This lack of
pressure solved the leaks, but rendered the car impossible for anyone
else to drive (on my good conscience, anyway)... *I* could still stop
hard enough for two cars to rearend me during those 2 years, but parallel
parking required both arms.
I was in college and simply could not afford to keep fixing the aftermath
of that ridiculous mistake. You're not dumb for asking. It is entirely
reasonable, as questions go. But *don't* do it!
87 5kcst (r.i.p.)
85 CGT (rippin')

Pat Dooley wrote:

> While were on this subject, why is it so important to use Pentosin?
> Will massive hydro failure ensue if one pours ATF from Walmart in the
> reservoir?
> I know this statement probably puts me in the idiot category to some
> listers, but I have never heard why Pentosin is so indispensable.