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Pistons for MC motor needed...

> I got a call from my mechanic this morning regarding my
> little 200. It will need a rebore to get rid of a ridge
> on most of the bores. I will most likely need pistons
> one size up from stock, I think that's 81.5mm.

Ouch!  Is this really necessary?

a) Careful use of a hone will remove the lip - which might prove to
   be more 'deposit' than 'wear'.  Measure the bores carefully 15mm

b) Audi's replacement ring sets come with a stepped upper ring.  If
   fitted the right way round, it _shouldn't_ foul a small lip.

> Where can I get a complete set of pistons at a decent
> price for the MC engine? I'm thinking along the lines
> of the Marle or Kolben Schmidt pistons and ring sets.

Guess what I have on the shelves.  Spelt "Mahle", BTW.  They're special
order only with a nine-week lead time.  Well, they promised four weeks

> I've tried the local VW/Audi agents and $325 a piston
> seemed a tad too high! And those were for the standard
> size as the agents I called either don't have the oversized
> units or don't even have a price listed for any piston
> for the motor.

GBP400 the set.  Plus shipping.  There is _NO_ official oversize piston
available for the MC or MB engines.  I bought this set to rebuild
MB001293, but that won't happen until the New Year.

> Kolben Schmidt reseller has pistons going for $45 or so,
> but they're most likely not for the MC motor. Supplier
> says they don't bring them into the country. I will either
> have to import them myself or deal with another middle-
> man.

Beware of the 81.5mm oversize for the KV engine.  Doesn't fit -
20mm vs 22mm gudgeon pin and a different top.

Hey, guys - I could be a middle-man!

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi quattro Owners Club
 Phone: 07785 302803   Fax: 0870 0883933