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Re: Timing belt interval for V6?

Yeah 90K is right...but I'd inspect the belt myself to be sure it is OK (no
It is very easy to do.  Just grab a screwdriver and pop off the cam gear
cover and take a look see.

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Subject: Timing belt interval for V6?

> I'm hoping for some group wisdom on this.
> After many years of VW ownership I have become accustomed to 60k mile
> timing belt replacement intervals.  I took my 94 90/V6 in to a dealer
> for what I thought would be a 60k service and belt change.  Upon
> retrieving the car I learned that no belt had been changed and was
> informed that it was a 90k mile service item.  That seems a little risky
> to go that long.  Suggestions?   TIA.
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