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RE: Replacing tires on quattro

The following assumes non-torsen diffs....

If you have different size tires on the same axle, the diff on that axle
will turn more, not necessarily a bad thing because that's what diff's
do.  If you lock that axle, then you are stressing the drivetrain.  If
you have 2 same size tires on the rear and 2 of a different size on the
front, then your centre dif will turn more, again not a bad thing
because that's what dif's do.  But, if you lock the centre diff in this
scenario, you will put a lot of stress on some driveline parts which
most likely would lead to breakage.

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>From: 	Trey Donovan Drake[SMTP:trey@sportos.com]
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>Subject: 	Replacing tires on quattro
>I have an 85 4kq and I just replaced the front tires, but not the rear
>ones.  One of the front tires had been damaged so I decided to get an even
>two for the front, but the rear ones are not badly worn, only 10k miles on
>them and plenty of tread.
>The guy trying to sell me tires informed me that it might be harmful to
>the transfer case to have dissimilar or older tires on the rear, and that
>I ought to replace them all at once.  Is this true, even if the rear tires
>are in pretty good shape?