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Re: 91' Audi 90 20v Questions

Over on the 20V list we have talked a lot about different things we can do
to get more performance from our 90q20v engines. So far you can do a 20VT
conversion but plan on spending lots of money. A couple of guys have done
this. Though it was expensive they seem very happy. We are slowly looking
into some sort of supercharger 'kit' as well. That would be the best option
but no one makes a bolt on kit for us yet. There is the 10VT conversion as
an option but that mod seems to lack sex appeal. Finally there is
displacement. This is a reasonable option but there won't be the 'Big' gains
as seen with a blower or turbo conversion. However, a 2.6L 20v with a good
exhaust and intake should be good for 200hp (maybe) but the displacement
should give it a nicer torque curve as seen with the VW 16v 1.8L to the
2.0L. That is just guessing. None us know for sure what displacement will
buy us.
Check out http://www.20v.org/

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Date: Wednesday, November 10, 1999 6:28 PM
Subject: 91' Audi 90 20v Questions

>With all the problems with my car recently, I might just give it up and buy
>another car.
>I am considering the 91 90 20v.  Does this car has as many problems as my
>200t10v?  Any points I can look for b4 I buy?  How many of these were even
>I am just looking for a reliable car that won't give me as much headache as
>the 200 I have now.  TIA!
>ps- Has anyone put a K25 turbo into a 90 20v?