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Re: [Antilock Debugging, 88 5kSQ]

the answers to your questions are:
1. yes - it is on until the car is started
2. yes
3. yes
If your light is never on, maybe a burnt bulb.  
The switch activates a relay under the dash - with the ignition on but not
running, you should be able to hear the relay as you push the button a few
times.  there is also a fues in the top of that relay....
Just wen throught my entire abs system and will be happy to give you any
readings you might want.
The illumiation is not using the same power as the acutual switch.
Are you sure the abs is working?

Cap 29100 <cap29100@flash.net> wrote:
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> Hello-
> I have an 88 5kSQuattro with NO ANTILOCK off capability. (switch does
> nothing) I am trying to diagnose it, but I bought the car this way, so I'm
> not sure about a couple of things:
> 1.) is the antilock off warning light supposed to light during startup
> sequence?
> 2.) is the switch itself supposed to be illuminated with the dash lights?
> 3.) is the antilock off warning light supposed to illuminate with the rear
> diff locked?
> Now, to get technical:
> 4.) what is the voltage supposed to be coming into the switch (on terminal
> 75H), (mine is 0 vdc, 0.027 vac-- seems low)
> 5.) what should the resistance of the illuminated switch bulb be (mine is
> 15 Ohms-- seems low)
> It seems with my measurements that I have no power coming to the switch,
> and I think this is my problem, but I'm not sure.   Answering these quick
> quesions would help.   My fear is perhaps my illuminating switch bulb
> shorted internally (giving me the 15 Ohms), then drew too much current from
> the source (about 1 Amp), frying the supply?...  What is the supply?
> Thanks,
> Matt Caprio
> can reply directly
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