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Re: S6 Found & police cars

Something you might find interesting about arrests over 100mph, etc.  In
Texas, there are only two traffic violations that you CANNOT be arrested for
a)open container, and b) speeding.  No lie.  Of course, the deal is that all
they have to do is chalk up any other violation and then they can take you
for a ride.  It's pretty certain that if you are doing 100+, they can find
something else to get you for - failure to signal, more than one lane change
within x number of feet, and the best one of all, the ultimate catch-all -
reckless driving.  If they want you, they will get you.  

As my dad (TX state trooper, ret.) used to say, "You can beat the rap, but
you can't beat the ride."

Jimmy Pribble
1993 /S4 quattro

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