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RE: Subject: was pentosin leaks/dying rack thread

I had this happen with my 81 5000 Turbo.  When the left turn indicator would
flash at a very fast rate it meant that the left rear turn indicator wasn't
working.  My problem turned out to be a bad connection between the main plug
that plugged into the back or bottom of the plastic assembly holding the
lights.  I would occasionally clean the contacts and put a bent plastic
straw in the contact so that it would make a better contact.

Does this help

Christopher Tipper
88 90q slowly being improved upon

Date: Wed, 10 Nov 1999 07:51:10 -0500
From: William Allison lll <wallison@bbn.com>
Subject: was pentosin leaks/dying rack thread

Thanks to those who responded on my questions about pentosin leaks/dying
steering rack.  The bomb check out ok, and I have been driving daily this
week-no signs of significant leaks thus far.  Any more hints for diagnosing
pentosin leaks?

Bill  86 5kcs  178K

P.S.  Why did my left turn signal go from it's normal flash rate to a
faster one yesterday?  Back to normal this morning.????