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Re: My 4K odometer isn't odometering...

On Thu, 11 Nov 1999, Pollock, Thomas wrote:

> Hi all, the odometer on my 86 4KCSQ stopped working and I was wondering if
> anyone can help me with where to start looking. I have a Bentley and it says
> that the odo is driven from the Hall sender. I'm guessing that if the Hall
> really stopped working I'd have bigger problems than just the odometer not
> working...  I did take the cluster off to check things out with hopes that
> I'd see something obvious like gears but nothing...

1) Check archives.

Failing that:

2) repair procedure
* Take cluster off and to your workbench (read: dining room table)
* Carefully remove speedo backing cover (white plastic)
* On the side of the speedo away from the tach is the offending gear.
  It's the little white gear that has disengaged itself from the little
  white worm gear right beside it.  Push it back in until it "feels
* Make it stay: 1) glue it to the shaft w/epoxy 2) drill a hole through
  the speedo cover and insert a screw that rests _gently_ against it to
  keep it pinned in place.  Dab some grease there to keep it all 
  nice and lubed.
* Put it back together and enjoy.

> I'd really like to see this car hit 300k on the odo. anyone help ?

Other than my little contribution above, you're on your own here :).

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