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Re: CGT Fenders

I was able to use the fender off my 84 coupe on my 86.  I used an
appropriate size drill bit and a die grinder to make the holes square.  If
only I had been able to find a square drill bit it would have been so much
easier :-)  I have the left fender still but what a pita getting it off the
donor car.  I had to use a piece of safety wire to cut the sealant.

Greg Herrmann

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> > I have a couple of questions about the Coupe GT I need answered, as I am
> > looking into buying one, an 85. Are the fenders bolt on or welded? Also,
would the
> > fenders from a sedan work on the coupe?
> Bolt on (13 screws?), and yes.  Your replacement should be from the
> appropriate "bumper style" car, ie up to 84 or 85 on.  Either will fit
> but they will have different square holes drilled for the bumper
> attachments.
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