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re:dying 200q

Sorry, whoever you are. i deleted your message.

My experience has been to run through your head what type of air leak you
might have. I've divided it into two types: 
1. Intake which is pre turbo
2. Aft turbo, pressurized.

You can have more types, but the way I've devised the system of diagnosis,
this is how it goes. I usually know right as soon as the trouble begins
where to start my search.

>From the sounds of your problem, I would figure that you have a leak after
the airflow meter and before the turbo. Would account for the sputtering,
stalling upon application of throttle. It very well could be after the
turbo, but this is how your set of symptoms strike me. In my experience,
the elbow that clamps to the turbo tears at the inlet lip. When you hit
the gas, it separates and mondo leak. Unmetered air, no gas, MC dies. Take
a look and see what's up. 

This doesn't take other problems into account.

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