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Re: 200q Died

In a message dated 11/11/99 3:25:03 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
reisig@erols.com writes:

>     I could use some help here.  While leaving gas station, and
>  accellerating rather quickly, suddenly the engine  died.  I thought at
>  first that is was just the rev limiter, but it refused to run, even with
>  clutch popping while moving.  Engine cranks, all other electricals seem
>  to work.  Fuel pump fuse is good.  No unusual noises while cranking,
>  just cranks and cranks with no ignition.  Managed to coast most of way
>  home, got push from wife for the rest.  Won't have chance to look at it
>  till Sat.
>      Any ideas would be appreciated.
>  Thanks,
>  Chuck
>  '91 200q

Well, if you ran real hard and then died, then I would probably guess your 
intercooler one of your hoses is broken or just simply disconnected.  BTDTx3 
Hose from Airbox 

89 200t10v
Redmond WA