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Re: i5 coolant pump friction ring

At 11:01 PM 11/10/99 -0800, frank j. bauer wrote:
>while checking the family album for water pump part numbers, i noticed that
>there should be a friction ring installed with the pump.
>(051 121 017, mg 1, sg 21, ill 10-00, pos 15A)
>my 86 tqw has no such thing and i don't recall any leftovers when i
>replaced the previous pump.
>there's no mention of it in the bentley or haynes for the type 44.
>i asked an audi expert (1000+ pumps installed) and he was baffled.
>rod@thepartsconnection has never heard of it.
>i don't remember any discussion of this part, but i did find one reference
>to it in the archives by doug quebbeman on may 19, 1998 but he got no
>response to his question.
>am i missing something here?

there has got to be a hundred or more listers that have changed water pumps
on i5's.
i can't believe not one of you will admit to seeing or not seeing this
friction ring!