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Re: Center drive shaft mount 4KQ

It is probably a combination of three things. 1. you did not mention the age or milage of the car but being that it is a 4KQ I am assuming it has at least 100K on it and bushings  do wear out I have not seen a center drive shaft bushing go out on those cars tho. Most magazine say the 4KQ has a "bullet proof drive line" 2. any time you take something apart you are subjecting it to loads that it typically does not experience 3. a good mechanic will support the drive shaft when it is disconnected. if they did not do this it could have sent an old bushing over the edge. The Bentley manual also has a section on drive shaft alignment. I have removed and replaced  the drive shaft on 4KQ's five times, have never followed the manual procedure on drive shaft alignment and have never had any problems. But lets assume that you did get the drive line significantly out of alignment. It would take very little time to destroy a new bushing much less an old one.
I do not believe that it is a coincidence that it was not a problem when you took it in and it is so horrible after you got it back. My advise, put your car on a flat bed truck drive far from that shop and take it to a mechanic who knows what he is doing!
Paul Robertson

>>> dannoelle <dannoelle@earthlink.net> 11/11/99 06:14PM >>>
Hello to all,
I need some help.  I have an 86 4KQ which I just
picked up after having a clutch replaced.  Upon
picking the car up, the mechanic tells us that the
center mount for the drive shaft has deteriorated,
and that the vibration is so bad that it cannot be
driven above 20 mph.  Well, it turns out he was
right.  There is a big space where the rubber has
deteriorated at the bottom of the drive shaft.

Can I just get the bearing/rubber seal for the
center mount, or do I have to buy an entire drive
shaft to fix this.  This is urgent- my Audi is my
only transportation.
Also, is this a case of the shop not properly
handling the drive shaft while repairing the
clutch?  I did not have this problem prior to it's
replacement.  Should I be making them pay for the
Any input is greatly appreciated.