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RE: 200q Died


You checked that the cambelt is ok??? Like the way you got your wife to push the car. Made me laugh


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From:	Chuck Reisig [mailto:reisig@erols.com]
Sent:	11 November 1999 23:02
To:	quattro@audifans.com
Subject:	200q Died

    I could use some help here.  While leaving gas station, and
accellerating rather quickly, suddenly the engine  died.  I thought at
first that is was just the rev limiter, but it refused to run, even with
clutch popping while moving.  Engine cranks, all other electricals seem
to work.  Fuel pump fuse is good.  No unusual noises while cranking,
just cranks and cranks with no ignition.  Managed to coast most of way
home, got push from wife for the rest.  Won't have chance to look at it
till Sat.
    Any ideas would be appreciated.


'91 200q