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Spotter's Guide: need more pics!

Hi all,

Thanks for your replies to my mail- but after doing inventories I still
need more pics.

Got anything of the following?

-Early Coupe GT with quad headlights
-80 Avant
-Type 43 100 Avant (very early, Euro-only, hatchback-style model)
-Early Fox, Fox Wagon
-Cabriolet US version

The pics have to be taken in broad daylight, without obstructions in front
of the subject, and of (preferably) undamaged, standard cars without non-OE
spoilers, lights, wheels etc and with doors, hood and trunklid closed.
Images need to be at least 800 pixels wide, and without too much JPEG
compression artefacts (high-quality setting). Once more, see
http://members.tripod.lycos.nl/AudiJunk/othercars.html for the general idea
of how this is going to be done.

This site will eventually end up as a front end for the q-list FAQ- so if
you want your car to be on it, get your pictures out! ;-)

TIA for your replies,


Tom Nas
Zeist, The Netherlands
1987 Audi 90q (NG engine)