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Re: Center drive shaft mount 4KQ

At 06:14 PM 11/11/99 -0800, noelle sez:
>Can I just get the bearing/rubber seal for the
>center mount, or do I have to buy an entire drive
>shaft to fix this.  This is urgent- my Audi is my
>only transportation.
>Also, is this a case of the shop not properly
>handling the drive shaft while repairing the
>clutch?  I did not have this problem prior to it's
>replacement.  Should I be making them pay for the


it is possible that they made it worse during the clutch replacement
procedure, but it was going to happen eventually.
that rubber web goes sooner or later on just about every quattro out there.
you may be able to buy some time by removing any spacers from above the
mounting tabs for the carrier bearing which will effectly raise the center
of the shaft a bit.
following this i will forward a post from my personal archives that is a
collection of relevant information courtesy of steve buchholz.

anybody else who wants a copy should send me a private request.