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Re: A sobering thought

Not to downplay the shocking amount of unsafe equipment barrelling down our
roadways at the direction of folks not always free from the taint of
popular substance abuser products,  some of the "unsafe" labeling done in
relation to trucks refers to the status of their lights.  In some states,
every light on a truck must function correctly or the truck can be delayed
until repaired.  We all know how difficult it can be to keep electrical
contacts "sparky".  I'd like to know how many of those trucks tagged as
unsafe had mechanical system shortcomings.

Kneale Brownson

At 07:52 PM 11/11/99 -0500, Robert Myers wrote:
>Hi Y'all,
>About 25 miles from my home is a stretch of I-64 which has a long (~5
>miles) steep (8%) grade.  Over the years since the highway's construction
>this grade, despite the presence of three escape ramps for out of control
>vehicles, has been the site of numerous accidents involving 18 wheelers.
>Last week WV's finest (or so they say) during a five day stretch stopped
>249 18 wheelers on this section of I-64.  49 of them were deemed to be so
>unsafe that they were taken out of action on the spot.  148 citations were
>issued for safety violations.  This is out of only 249 trucks stopped.
>Does this information disturb others as much as it does me?  Twenty percent
>were considered to me unsafe for operation.  If that statistic holds
>nationwide we have problems.
>   Bob
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