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Re: nicked

Late model 911s too are not as tricky as the old ladies.
A friend of mine is driving a circa 80's 911 Turbo he bought back then as a
babes magnet. When it rains he always gets his Land Rover Discovery which he
bought when he got married.

As for the e30 Bimmers I think that only the M3 was decent on a wet surface.
Here in Greece where tarmac is as slippery as a bar of soap on a wet
bathtab, boyracers drive e30 to impress their girlfriends with lots of tail
happy drifts. (neon light plates, extra thin tyres, dual tail pipes with
extra loud noise, yellow painted lights, fur dices hanging from the
windscreen mirror, you get the picture)


On a separate note, Scott we all respect your knowledge and contribution to
the list but
pls be less angry and irritating.

Dave's last reply to my e-mail to him was his own and personal view and in
no way  was he refering to you so as to reply to him in such a matter.

We all like this list because it is a place of mutual assistance and not a
pissing contest. Kindly carry your flames on the TorSen list.
There is no need for you to repeat what you have written so many times
I know that this list is not moderated but good manners, polite remarks and
a friendly approach to all disputes and differences of opinion is much
better than harsh words and any kind of hints, suggestions and allusions.

Regards to everybody

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> if you think about it, many cars that have had semi-trailing arms
>(e.g. e30 3-series, 911's) were noted for their tricky handling in
> extremis....

At least no true for the e30 M3, which is one of the best handling
rwd cars out there and nowhere as tricky to drive as a 911 at the

- Hans-Juergen Schneider
'93 S2 Avant
'89 CQ 20V