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Re: Front Bumper Grille Mod

In a message dated 11/12/99 11:43:23 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
mikesoft@europa1.conwaycorp.net writes:

> After unsuccessfully trying to modify my grille with a few items 
>  gathered from the hardware store, I decided to buy an aluminum
>  racing grille from Blau. The grille mesh from the store would 
>  probably have worked but I didn't think it was sturdy enough. I
>  checked out the grille yesterday and after consulting with my
>  mech who will cut it down for me and fasten it, all at a reasonably
>  cheap cost since he also gets to do my MC and fix my ISV and 
>  intake hoses, I have decided to leave it in its natural silver like 
>  color.  It matches well with the car which is grey and with the 
>  bumper cover which is black. I will get to see it sometime today 
>  and I'm pretty sure its going to be neat. 

Would you shoot off a website with the pic when it is complete?