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Re: Front Bumper Grille Mod

Sure I can do that, I don't have a digital but if I borrow 
one from a friend it will be up asap. If not then it has to go the 
usual long way, take pictures, process, scan and 
post on web. I'll keep you posted. I just passed by
the mech a little while ago, he did a good job 
positioning my fog lights which were loosened probably
as a result of a slight impact with the previous owner 
as one of the tow hooks is slightly bent and the tabs 
holding the fog lights weren't as effective (bent/broken) 
and kept moving out of place. So far it looks good, he 
was just about to trim it to give it the final fit (the grille). 
Would have been a perfect fit except I got the wrong 
MC from Car*arts.*om and now I'm back to the hassles
of getting it returned. Guess I'll have to pass on the super
blue change. I'll let you know. 

Mike Theuri

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Would you shoot off a website with the pic when it is complete?