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[Fwd: Euro-PTrain: 86 Audi 5000, drive shaft, Center U-joint]

Anybody help this guy? Please reply directly to the originator and not
to me or the iATN. Don't need to send the help to 20K wrenches. As
always, trying to be helpful, John

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1986 Audi 5000 2.2 L

Trans:         Standard
Mileage:       150,000 miles
VIN:           WAUHE044XGN103230

Affected Item: Center U-joint


I am trying to rebuild this Audi's drive shaft. I am
looking for the center U-joint. Audi does not sell drive
shaft parts separately. I would also like to replace the
center bearing support. Does anyone know part numbers I can
get through the after- market?

Jerry Miller
Motorcar Services
Waitsfield, Vermont, USA

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