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Re: nicked - now wishlist

72, 79, 89.  The three memorable must-have's in thy garage are (IMHO) a
72-73 2.4S (or a Carrera 2.7...), an 88-89 Carrera 3.2 and a late 993
Carrera S (no, not the 4S).  Given enough lottery wins, there are also the
3.0 Turbos, 3.3 Turbos, and the mighty 993 Twin Turbo, and many variations
of limited production cars...

That garage should probably also have enough room for the Urquattro and the
Sport Quattro.

I'll park the daily drivers outside.  The current daily drivers are an A6
2.7T and an A3 1.6 (ouch) for the missus' grocery-getting and commuting.
Maybe I should upgrade her to a 1.8T before embarking on the other wishes to
keep the homefolk content.

Jouko Haapanen
Pori, Finland

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>Jouko Hi,
>The 911's were of which vintage? (sounds like wine tasting but with more
>than 25 years in production it is worth the expression)
>Regards and take care
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>>The first three words that come to mind handlingwise from 911's that I've
>>had: fun, predictable, and challenging.  Never tricky.  ;^)
>>Jouko Haapanen
>>Pori, Finland