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RE: Loud mettalic tapping from top of engine.


this is definitely from the top end, I had a really good listen, I will see
what gives tomorrow morning when it's cold. I don't expect it to heal itself
overnight though. Time for some investigative surgery....



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From:	Huw Powell [mailto:audi@mediaone.net]
Sent:	13 November 1999 18:01
To:	Iain Atkinson
Subject:	Re: Loud mettalic tapping from top of engine.

Noises often don't "come from" where they sound like.  I would try
chasing it down with a stethoscope...

My old 5kt once started making a rather nasty rapping noise, though it
was worse when revving, not after, and it was a crank bearing I think.
Wasn't actually a big deal to get replaced, and I still have the rest of
the set lying around somewhere!

Iain Atkinson wrote:
> Hi all
> Nasty problem occurs this afternoon, I come of the dual carriageway having
> had a bit of a blast and I hear this loud mettalic tapping noise from the
> top of the engine. It happens most when you rev the car and the rev's drop
> back again. It sounds like a much louder version of hydraulic lifter
> (this almost like someone is tapping the cam cover with a small hammer),
> engine runs fine other than this.
> What the hell I have done, I have yet to have a look but need some
> please on what might be wrong. My theory is that I have got a bad lifter
> busted valve spring. The engine was prior to this a bit tappety anyway.
> Is lifter replacement an easy job or PITA, any BTDT welcome.
> I got my Q decals today, great job Bob, really like them, both our cars
> got two each one each on the front and rear screens.
> Look forward to hearing from the collective.
> Iain

Huw Powell


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