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part number for oxygen sensor

Hi everyone.

I realize this has been discussed in the past, but could find the
specific answer I needed in an archive search.

I have an 87 4KCSq and I'm about to change the catalytic converter and
thought, what the heck, I'll change the O2 sensor while I'm down there.
I'm game to try the splice job on an typical 3 wire sensor to save
myself quite a few bucks. So, when I go into the parts store, what do I
ask for? Bear in mind that I'm probably going to be dealing with an
inexperience clerk who, if he can't find it on the computer, won't have
a clue how to look for one in a book--so I'd like to walk in and ask for
one for an 88 Taurus, or a 90 Nissan.

I would like to keep the 3 wire sensor instead of switching to a single
wire model. And I would order it from the vendor list, but due to a lack
of planning on my part I won't have time to get it here before the day I
schedule off work to do this.

Once again my thanks to all,
87 4KCSq