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Re: Loud mettalic tapping from top of engine.

This is an amazing feature built into the 200. It is able to heal
Today my fuel fuse S13 15Amp were blown just 100 meter down my driveway.
Replaced it and the engine were idling just OK until I closed the hatch.
New fuse - blown at once this time before even getting started.
Pulled the car inside again and took a deep dive into the Bentleys.
My problem was, that the fuse panel said
"Kraftstoffpumpe" " Warmlaufregler" giving 2 possibilities of overload.
And the Bentleys say US-only for the wiring diagram for my 3B 20V engine.
The day before I have done a course of ice driving with much of braking
and shaking of the car. Just after finishing that driving out to park, I
had a strange noise like interference from the walkies, we were using -
but it was from the engine compartment. After turning off and restarted - no
So I was now looking for a hurt cable to the "Warmlaufregler" inside the
engine compartment - near fans.
But the Motronics don't use that so it had to be the fuel pump.
Out it goes - and test run on a spare battery.
Drawn only 1 Amp @ 13 V with no fuel load?
Back again into the tank and the battery connected again.
Now 5 Amp pushing fuel and sounding OK.
No false ground connections found. Only the 4.24 Ohm resistance
from the Lambda, which is activated through the fuel relay but with
own 10 Amp fuse. Wiriness OK.
And the engine is running fine - but for how long?
Amazing car.

Claus Vegener
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Sendt: 14 November 1999 18:11
Emne: RE: Loud mettalic tapping from top of engine.

> Well, ... and this is the wierd part... I was complaning the whole time
> saying that this was it.  The engine was surely going to have to come
> now as something was seriously wrong, etc, etc, etc.  Car drove ok, but
> easy on the revs and drove it home that night....  the noise was still
> there, but was much quieter and less noticable.  Next time I drove the
> the noise was gone completely and has never returned again (been months
> about 15K miles).
> So, my advice is be carefull with it, but maybee drive it a little bit
> and see if it goes away.  Mine did.  BTW, Anyone out there know what it
> was???  Was surely not lifters.  I've never heard them get that loud and I
> think they were improved in the 200's as I have not had a problem with
> at all.  It sounded more like a valve wrap!  I don't think it was a crank
> bearing as Huw suggested though as it most definately was coming from the
> top of the engine, but then again, I really don't know.  Just glad it's
> now and I didn't have to rebuild the motor at a $$$$ cost to me!  :)
> Later,
> Dan