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rear defrost fixed, but now another problem

It's that time of year again when a rear defroster comes in real handy
so I dug in today to fix mine.  I posted for help on this before and
created a bit of a stir over the location of the defrost button (mine is
in the climate control head unit)

What was happening, was that when I pressed the button the rear defrost
light would come on, I could hear a faint relay click, but the elements
did not heat up.  Checked the grid (visually and electrically) and all
is OK there.  

Here's what I found:

First of all, the relay is not marked on any of the labels in the car.
I found it by pressing the defrost button on and off while I felt each
relay in turn.  Second of all, upon opening it up, I found it was a
double relay with the contact arm having 2 switches.  Thirdly, I noticed
that the terminal for the wire going directly to the defrost grid was
blackened and melted in the relay holder.  I activated the relay with
the cover off and found that the contact arm was being blocked by
something.  I monkeyed with it for a bit and something went snap and the
arm now moves freely up and down. Activated it again and it works well
on the downstroke...but, it won't release.  I press the button .. stays
activated, turn off the key....stays activated.  I suspect this is why
the terminal melted. 

Does anyone know if this is a relay problem, or a result of current
coming from somewhere that it shouldn't?.  I can physically pull the
contacts apart and they do stay apart, until activated again.  There is
one very curious thing though.  A few seconds after physically pulling
the contacts apart, I hear  a series of three clicks ...click, click,
click (like 3 relay clicks)  from the engine compartment.  I did this
many, many times to be sure the two were related. I could not isolate
exactly where it comes from but it seems to be coming from the ABS
unit...?....?...?  Anybody have any ideas what this may be?  


Stephane Livolsi
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