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Thanks again, Sirs Payne and Mockry!

     Had to do some additional work on the '87 5KTQ 
again this weekend. Yesterday I had access to a 3/8"
drive torque wrench. Retorqued the knock sensor since
Phil Payne has several times mentioned that it's 
critical to have it right. We went to 15 ft/lb, seems
to have helped it -- the torque wrench I have is one
of the 1/2" drive versions so I don't think it worked at 
the low 15 ft/lb setting. I'd already changed the
fuel pump relay to the 215 version, which seems to 
have eliminated some of the poor-running problems.
     Today I needed to check some some vacuum wiring, 
went to the trusty Bentley. Sure enough it didn't help.
Went to Scott Mockry's web site and found full color
pics of exactly what I needed. Plus a written 
description to boot!
     Now I've gotten the car running pretty well with
the stock ECU and waste gate spring. Still doesn't do
well with the QLCC, but that's a project for next
weekend.  ;-)
     Thanks guys.