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RE: headlight relay(s)

I thought of that too, but like I said, I like doing things the hard way
:o)  I did try putting a strong elastic over the signal lever and the
headlight on off lever, but apparently it wasn't applying pressure in
the right place, because it didn't work.  I took apart the steering
column and found the wire that feeds the power out of the combi to the
headlights (touched each wire in turn while wiggling the turn signal
lever - the one that gave power intermittently was it)  For anyone else
doing this, it is a quite large solid yellow wire.  I could have spliced
there but the switch that I had bought would not have been able to
handle the current without a relay.  I think that next weekend I am
going to do it anyway and splice a relay in that yellow wire.  The relay
will be activated by a dash mounted switch that will glow red when on.
If anyone wants more details, let me know.

Stephane Livolsi
180 Yorston St
Williams Lake, BC, V2G 3Z1
ph 250-392-2637
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'86 5KTQ stock (if you don't know what it means, you aren't in the club)

>From: 	Kneale Brownson[SMTP:knotnook@traverse.com]
>Sent: 	November 14, 1999 7:42 PM
>To: 	Livolsi, Stephane; 'Audi Quattro List'
>Subject: 	Re: headlight relay(s) - is/are there any? and euro light
>My solution to the failed combi switch was to fasten a small compression
>spring to the dashboard side of the lever base to hold the lever so that
>the dims remain on.  The brights go on when I push the lever toward the
>dash, clicking the brights switch, and the dims return when I pull the
>lever toward me.  I used the smallest size of the nylon zip ties to fasten
>the spring to the lever.  I also put some sort of nylon washer (it's been a
>couple years now, so I can't remember the specifics) on the dashboard end
>of the spring to prevent wear marks from activating the directional signals.
>Considering all the wiring interconnections, I was reluctant to splice into
>the numerous wires going to that switch to install a separate toggle switch.
>Kneale Brownson
>At 07:20 PM 11/14/99 -0600, Livolsi, Stephane wrote:
>>My combi switch is NFG - as far as low beams go.  I have to pull the
>>turn signal lever towards me to keep them on....sound familiar to anyone
>>out there?
>>Anyway, I got ambitious today while trying to fix the rear defrost and
>>was going to bypass the combi and wire in a dash switch for the
>>headlights.  In order to do this without TOO much difficulty, the lights
>>have to be on a relay system.  I could not find any headlight relays on
>>my car!  Don't they have em?  IF they don't, that would sure explain the
>>failing combi switches....
>>Also, on the subject of headlights, I can appreciate why everyone in
>>North America wants to improve their headlights over stock, but are
>>Euro's the only way to go?  After all, the headlight is only as good as
>>the reflector, as evidenced by the headlights on new vehicles.  I am
>>going to visit an autowrecker and have a look at some Ford Taurus and
>>similar vehicles to see if there are any possibilities.  What I have in
>>mind is cutting off the lens from my headlights and splicing on the
>>reflector from a better system. (Yes, I do like doing things the hard
>>way)  Has anyone looked into this yet?
>>Stephane Livolsi
>>180 Yorston St
>>Williams Lake, BC, V2G 3Z1
>>ph 250-392-2637
>>fax 250-392-2693
>>'86 5KTQ stock (if you don't know what it means, you aren't in the club)