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Re: Resealed Pump Noise

Did you do the full-lock to full-lock back and forth a few times to purge 
the air from the system?  Then check fluid level and top-off if reqd?  What 
kind of "strange noise" exactly?

I've never felt the need to feel the PS pump so dunno if the temp is good 
or bad.  But you now have a new spare pump, right?  ;-)

At 12:39 PM 11/13/99 ,  Alexander van Gerbig was inspired to say:
>     The pump is making a strange noise when I turn to full lock in either
>direction.  I ran the engine until warm to see if the noise would work its
>way out, but no.  The front seal has a good amount of grease in between the
>two lips.  Everything was nicely covered in hydraulic fluid when I put the
>pump back together.  The pump also got nice and warm when I test drove the
>car down the road.  This to me means some sort of BAD metal on metal
>contact, but the steering feels good.  What should I check, I guess I'll
>have to take the pump out and take it apart again.  It doesn't leak though!

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