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RE: misfire under load


How old are the plug leads and dizzy cap/ rotor arm???? My car was acting up
with an odd misfire recently and changed all three items, misfire now gone.
I would use OEM plug leads if I were you. Also pull the spark plugs and
check their colour, mine had two plugs that were fouling because of bad

Hope this helps


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Subject:	misfire under load

	my q has developed a bit of a misfire which happens under high load (3rd
or 4th at 1.5 -2.5 RPM, 3/4 throttle) where it starts to stutter (no
running on all 5). Any idea what this might be ? It doesn't always happen
and if you dump the clutch it rev's without missing a beat. Could this be
caused by the vacuum advance not working properly ?


87 Coupe Quattro