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RE: STOP! Re: odometer not odometering either

... not to be argumentative ... but I was able to repair BOTH gears on my
odo without having to remove the needle.  It wasn't a lot of fun getting it
all ack together and getting all the numbers to line up correctly and have
the reset button work correctly ... but I was able to do it myself on the
dinner table without having to pull the speedo face.  As stated before YMMV
if you have a different model ... I just reported what I was able to do with
mine ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

> -----Original Message-----
> Well, there are TWO failure mode as I have already 
> explained.. One does NOT
> require faceplate removal, and one DOES.  The latter mode is where the
> metal end gear (not the worm set-- this is the one inside the 
> mechanism)
> begins to slip on the main lay shaft.  The only way to repair 
> this one is
> to remove the assembly and peen the main gear and/or spline 
> the shaft for a
> tighter interference fit.  This, when done properly, will not 
> fail again.
> With regard to the calibration-- the rest position is not the 
> only factor
> involved in the speedometer adjustment..  Over time the preload spring
> usually weakens, and thus the speedo is wrong when you take 
> it apart-- even
> if you put it back in the same place, it would still be 
> wrong.  SO, the
> repair of the gear problem is also an opportune time to 
> calibrate it as
> well.  This is done by inputing a known rpm into the speedo, 
> and reading
> the speed.  Each model has a different ratio, so you have 
> know the specs of
> the one you're working on in order to calibrate.  You also 
> have to have a
> very accurate speed source (like a synchronous motor).  This, 
> is how the
> professionals do it.
> Therefore, I STILL recommend that you don't repair these 
> yourselves.  And,
> I wouldn't take it somewhere where they fix it and it brakes 
> again... I
> wouldn't call that a "great job". 
> Matt
> At 11:57 AM 11/15/99 -0800, you wrote:
> >... IME, you can repair the odo without even removing the 
> faceplate at all.
> >This would be on the ur-q/older 4k, so YMMV.  In any event 
> you will very
> >likely find that if you allow the speedo needle to pass the 
> stop pin it will
> >rest at a location where there is a line in the silkscreen 
> of the speedo
> >face.  How do you think that the "professionals" do it?  If 
> you can't seem
> >to find a mark on your speedo face you can put a piece of 
> masking tape on
> >there and mark it for yourself.  Just reinstall the needle 
> in the same
> >position and you'll be good to go.  
> >
> >For those who are feint at heart and live in the San 
> Francisco Bay area
> >there os another place to have the work done called Palo 
> Alto Speedometer.
> >I took the speedo from the ur-q there the first time it 
> failed and they did
> >a great job.  Once it failed again I figured that $65+ was a 
> bit too much to
> >pay for a temporary fix.  
> >
> >HTH!
> >Steve Buchholz
> >San Jose, CA (USA)
> >
> >> -----Original Message-----
> >> WAIT!
> >> 
> >> Of course this can be done, but DON'T DO IT!  There is a 
> rotary spring
> >> preload on the needle that keeps it resting against the stop 
> >> pin.  If you
> >> take the needle off to fix the shaft, then, you have no 
> idea how much
> >> preload to put on the shaft when you put the needle back on.  
> >> So, the end
> >> result is that your odometer works, but your speedo has a 
> significant
> >> error.  I have done this before, and it is no fun.  There 
> are ways of
> >> trying to calibrate this yourself, but I assure you it's just 
> >> not worth it...
> >> 
> >> Leave it to the professionals.
> >> 
> >> I used "Overseas Speedometer" in austin, tx.  
> >> www.speedometer.com  Cost is
> >> about $65, but it is totally worth the two hours you would 
> >> spend monkeying
> >> with it, only to scratch the face plate, end up with your 
> >> speedo being 17.5
> >> mph off, and then, have your odo repair fail again after 
> >> about 2 weeks.
> >> (this has happened to me, and I'm pretty good at 
> instrument repair).
> >> 
> >> Matthew Caprio
> >> 
> >> 
> >> >Does anyone know how to remove the needle (so I can take 
> >> >the face plate off) w/o rendering the spedo usless?  I 
> looked in the 
> >> 
> >
> >