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Re: Typ 85 CQ - gas mileage and other questions

> >> Why? I mean- it's cool to have PW, but not when they fail all the time. Get
> >> some aftermarket stuff and be done with it...
> >
> >"Fail all the time"?
> >
> >The MTBF seems to be what, 12-15 years 

> Hmmm. When I mention Audi power windows, everyone keeps on saying "Oooh
> ,they're crap, don't get 'em, just another source of endless repairs". So
> they're not? Better get 'em myself, then...

This is an interesting bit of psychology.  Let's say, for example, that
the "failure mode" of a given speaker is that the tweeter is the first
thing to break.  You can beat them up all day long, but when they
*finally* break, it's always the tweeter.  Over the years, that speaker
will gain a reputation for having crappy tweeters (they always break,

Now look at just about every 80's Audi for sale used.  Guaranteed at
least one window doesn't work.  This is I think more a function of the
book value not supporting the cost of the repair in cahoots with the age
of the car (MTBF 12 years...).

> I've never heard of a _manual_ window assembly failing on an Audi- 

You have now.  Sorry.  the passenger side window reg, manual, on my 1982
Coupe had stripepd part of its gear and would only move over half of the
rotation of the handle.

> ...or two motors with the associated wiring and flexible shafts, plus
> switches. *New* stuff (like in boxes, easy to install, with installation
> manual) costs some $100 for TWO doors, I've never heard of one failing.

you'd never heard of manual regs failing til this email, either...

> Made by major manufacturers, too.

I'm not arguing with your proposal at all.  Whatever solutions work
right are what people want to know about.  How about the details so the
originator of this thread can weigh their options? 

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 84 4kq; 85 Coupe GT; 73 F250