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Re: eurolights $$

> >aahh... two lights on at once is low beams.  four in traffic is rude,
> >illegal, dangerous, blinding, juvenile... oops, I think someone stepped
> >on my pet Peeve... bad Peeve, get back in your cage!  [please direct all
> >flames to the Peeve cage]
> ?
> Well, "4 in traffic" would refer to a quad system on high, with the highs
> on and the low/highs on high - but I think my idea is rather like a higher-
> wattage bulb, but distributed over a large reflector/lens area (less
> dazzling of oncoming traffic) and with more adjustment potential.
> Yes, it would *look* like I've got high-beams on, but all the bad
> adjectives above shouldn't really apply.

Fancy footwork.  Four is two plus two.  Still.  Two in traffic, all you
want other times.  But see below...

> >If H4's don't give you enough low beams something is wrong. Have you
> >installed relays for the lights yet?
> Not yet.

Start there.  Relays first.  Just for fun, measure voltage at the
headlight before and after, divide new by old, square it, subtract 1,
multiply by 100, that is the percent power improvement you got from the
relays... and your headlight switch will stop its gradual journey to
oblivion as well.

> - and I'm rather sensitive to being blinded by oncoming traffic, which
> is why I'd like a little more, but without melting the plastic
> casing of the H4s with high-watt bulbs.

Plastic casing?

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 84 4kq; 85 Coupe GT; 73 F250