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89 100q FS

Colleagues:For a variety of reasons that are too lengthy & boring to go
into, it is time to send my '89 100q on to its next owner.  Will probably
be audi-less for a few months while I sort out some things.

Here are the highlights (or lowlights as the case may be).

'89 100 q
color is light blue metallic with  gray interior
181,000 miles

I have had the car for almost 3 years, and am the 3rd owner.

Long list of new parts, repairs, etc.  Most importantly:  clutch, master &
slave replaced 6/98, new bomb 6/98, timing belt and water pump in April
'98, New Boge front struts & strut bearings, brakes re-done (front & rear) 
Hella H4 lights (stock wiring and bulbs)  new ISV

to do:
desperately neeeds new tires
typically noisy fuel pump
driver's door lock needs the standard repair
needs new headlight switch
wiring bundle in the driver's door needs attention.  sometimes the roof
and windows work, sometimes not.  Relays have all been changed.  the
problem is in the wiring bundle.

It is my daily driver and has had very good maintenance since I got it.
also have service records from the owner prior to me.

Car is in Wisconsin, about 65 miles north of Chicago.  Any reasonable
offer.  If not sold within a week it is off to the auction.

Contact me privately via e-mail so as not to clutter up the list.

I would guess that the Hella lights and the BBS style wheels would make it
attractive for anyone looking for those items.  I cannot part out the car,
no place to keep it, no time to do it.

 Bill Murin