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Re: Hard shifting in the AM


    What you are noticing is probably the high viscosity of the oil when it
is cold. As the oil warms with use, it thins out and shifts easier.
    Even though these 75W90 synthetics have the same specs, they sometimes
seem to work differently in the gearbox. Some result in smoother shifts,
some in harsher shifts. I would be inclined to try the OEM oil supplied by
Audi - it should be matched to the gearbox design to give smooth all-weather
shifts. I've never had a problem with shifts in -40 temps and I use the OEM
oil in my trannies.


Fred Munro
'94 S4  91k km

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Subject: Hard shifting in the AM

> Hi Everyone,
> Here's a question for the experts.  Since it's starting to be cold here in
> missouri in the mornings, the shifting is a bit hard in my '86 4000s with
> 181k miles, I've had this car since september, my first audi :).  The
> stiffness is going into first and second gear, not too bad in the other
> gears.  The problem seems to dissapear after about 2 minutes or so.  About
> a month ago, I drained the gearbox, and filled it with Castrol Syntec
> 75w-90, reccomended from the Blau! people.  I could only get in about 1.8
> bottles (quarts).  Soon after this, my gearbox went crazy, it wouldn't
> to shift into 1st or second gear after warming up, as well as grinding
> going into reverse.  I took it in to get fixed, and $400 later, the
> is solved.  They couldn't find anything wrong except for the guide sleeve
> (plastic, was all chewed up) and replace my worn cross shaft (the thing
> clutch cable attaches to).  Now it shifts fine, but I have the symptoms of
> hard shifting when it's cold out.  It's not as bad as the problem that was
> fixed by the shop, but it's not the best.  I'm wondering if there is
> anything i can do to make shifting easier, or how to make it easier on my
> gearbox.  I try to shift into the next highest gear when the RPMs match,
> (i.e. same as shifting without using the clutch at all) to make it easier
> on the box, rather than jamming it in.  Any ideas?
> thanks
> jon
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