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Re: 2000 S4

Hairy Green Toads from Mars made vikki say:

> i have the blue Alcantara seats... i love them... dealer told me (maybe
> a sales pitch, although i wasn't looking at this car when he gave it to
> me) the Alcantara is more durable then suede and easier to clean.
> granted, anything spilled on them is going to be a b*tch to clean, ah
> well, the price of kewlness. he also said that it was like a $3k option
> on mercedes. i dunno bout that, never checked. with the dogs, i
> probably should have gotten the all leather seats.but, i went for the
> sedate blue outside, soooo.. i have the kewl inside. i bought 2 towels
> to cover the backseats when the dogs are with me.

I found that my dog didn't like leather. too slippery. So I bought
a wagon. Hmmmm, maybe that didn't work out as I thought it might.

I found the best thing for under the dog (besides on old blanket)
is one of those carpet samples that's about 18"x36". Get colors
to match your dog :-)


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