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Re: 2000 S4 Dawgs

At 09:35 AM 11/16/99 -0500, Robert Myers wrote:
>>> i bought 2 towels
>>> to cover the backseats when the dogs are with me.
>>I found that my dog didn't like leather. too slippery. So I bought
>>a wagon. Hmmmm, maybe that didn't work out as I thought it might.
>>I found the best thing for under the dog (besides on old blanket)
>>is one of those carpet samples that's about 18"x36". Get colors
>>to match your dog :-)
>You will also need a *good* vacuum sweeper and some masking tape or other
>"sticky" to remove hair from the interior surfaces.  :-(  BTDT.  It's a
>hassle but, to those with dawgs in the family, worth it.
>   Bob
What do you use for all the saliva slime?