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Re: Speeding ticket (Apologies in Advance)

Ok, this is what I recommend.  FIRST, send in the ticket within 48 hours
of getting it with a plead of not guilty.  MAKE SUR EYOU CHECK OFF THE BOX
that sais "I request a supporting deposition".  When you send it in, if
possible I recommend sending it return receipt requested or registered
<doesnt matter.. as long as you have proof you sent it>.  If you do not
get the supporting deposition within 30 days of sending back the ticket
then you are guaranteed to be let off (send a note to the judge with proof
you sent the ticket back <ie your return receipt>)

If you DO get a supporting deposition, write a letter to the Assistant
district attorney for the town (or county) which you receieved the ticket
from.  A quick call to the county clerk will give the the address/phone
number.  In the letter you should make your plea -- Tell the assist. dist.
attorney that you never had any tickets, recently took defensive driving,
get good grades in school.. whatever you think paints you as an upstanding
nonspeeding citizen.  They will almost always offer to let you pleed dow
(THEY will make the offer -- in your letter you should not suggest what
you think you deserve)

Personally, I receieved a ticket for 77 in a 65 on the NY throughway.
(and considering I have an 86 5000S nonturbo, I cannot believe I actually
was going that fast :>  But judges dont buy that kind of argument. I
plead it down to a violation equivalent of failing to completed stop at a
stopsign :)  <Aka. no points, $50 fine>

Good luck!

ps.  In the future, dont speed ;-)  It isnt worth the hassle :>

On Mon, 15 Nov 1999 Cynic5KS@aol.com wrote:

> Hello all,
> As luck would have it for the NYS Troopers... they got me over the speed 
> limit...  I know I wasn't going as fast as he said I was going... (The 
> Bonneville passed me like I was standing still, but I happened to be the only 
> one in the left lane... However, it is bridge under the water...)
> I know people have gotten out of tickets on technicalities, (The trooper 
> wrote down the wrong plate number... myabe he was giving me a break 'cause it 
> was my B-day... who knows?), but I want to know what you actually have to say 
> at the court house...
> TIA for the BTDT's...
> Arden
> 85 5Ks